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6:32 pm (GMT)
Sat 26th Nov
Monthly Leader: gooders
Overall Leader: Jez White
50/50 April matches played
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101 More Alu Paratha PleaseHelps to maintain an interest in all the games. Disappointing that my 8 year old nephew is beating me !!
Will definitely get ALL the family to enter it next time - it's good fun & very enjoyable !
103l33tIt was well designed however, the site was quite slow at times but then again I did not cost us anything! keep up the good work
10alanmvery good
10AndyjhcIts been brilliant, shame I havent done better. Would rather it remained as correct score prediction only
10andym1000very impressed...think bonus point system slightly unfair though - too much relies on it whereas consistent score predictions count for less
10bLiNdReApErIt's a fun and enjoyable game.
10Brian SomervilleExcellent. Helps keep the interest in the games. Not in it for the money, but I could play this again anytime. Hope you do a free one for the English Premiership.
10BTDarbThanks for a lot of fun!
10ChalkieWhiteGreat idea. Would like to have the option to join a ladder after the initial signing-on. Would also like to be able to view other mini-ladders.
10CharlieEmeryEven though there isn't a prize, I've enjoyed every second! The points system is very well constructed aswell. I hope you do the same thing for the European Championships in 2004.
10chill_wid_da_stillit was ace!! cos im a girl n everythin, none of my lad mates thought i had any footy knowledge, but ive been provin em wrong :-)
10Clapo2Good fun and keeps the tournament alive even after England are knocked out!!
10Clayton McCranorGreat format - easy to use and follow
10colnalthis game as been very enjoying and I would do it again if I had the chance to.
10colrow26made the World Cup more interesting. created a bit of competion at work to see who could make the best predictions.
10david ashThe game was good fun and intresting to compare my predictions with the results. you should definatly do it for the premiership
10DavidorGetting my own back on Strawbs who overtook me on the last day to win the office predict a score by 1 point.
10Derby DudesThe game made the World Cup more enjoyable after England were knocked out of the tournament!
10derekAn incredibly well organised site. I hope the next time you organise something like this you sell enough advertising space to buy the Seagulls a ground.
10dunsgood clean fun. if i had to think of one phrase to describe it i`d say it was a barrel of laughs. very wholesome, none of this rap music or rave music that the kidz listen to these days, out of their mash on ecstasy pipes. this is what its all about
10eldudurinoI think that this was a cracking idea, brings an extra bit of excitement to the world cup. Any chances of this being set up in the premier??
10ErictheKingsuperb idea !!!!!!!,----DO IT AGAIN !!!
10gissy4Very satisfying, the game was up-to-date so I didn't have to wait around for my scores.
10Golden FootI am really enjoying the Game. In fact, I became an addict of it. Your web side it's clear and quite complete:
- presentation: excellent
- possibility for everyone to write their comments (interactive): excellent
- mini-leagues descriptions (good fun):
10GoMaxGOGame was fantastic...only problem is with picking the team. When your team is out you lose a bit of intetest. Much harder to pick exacts.
10grahamrgave added interest to the actual tournament. Sometimes access was slow, but hey nothings perfect.
10James MartinIt's great...but then I am next door so it's been handy to offer some useless advice. Mini league a roaring success. Speaking to a lot of old friend I haven't spoken too for a long time...nice bit of rivalry (especially with Sonia)....Great stuff!
10jamicopgood apart from all he upsets becasue it eesed my points up and i cudnt fill in the scores for 2nd round onwards because my computer got sold
10Jerrygreat game
10JoJovery enjoyable
10jonny griffithsgood idea
10Jules RimetAbsolutely brilliant! It's a big change from the first WC I followed on my wall chart as a ten year old (1966)
10Jumping Jack FlashIt adds spice to every game - especially the England Brazil game, as I've backed Brazil for World Champions (I couldn't lose). It's also increased my stress levels considerably, but that's because I'm in a winning position, which is very satisfying.
10keanofanI love it
10KennyGreat idea with a well layed out forms to follow. Excellent graphics. Maybe Rugby World Cup could be set up.
10kevinbradyVery playable. Far more satisfying when the Raw Ladder was produced.
10korean keithit was very profesionaly done, but all over for the majority before the end
10madgoalierob i thought it was absolutely brill. u put so much work into it and the mount of people who joined should give u an indication of how good this was!! thanx a million, thomas
10MG0001ukThe game is very slow to check the scores on
10millsgReally enjoyed competing with the so called experts from work and so far coming out on top.
10moyesySuperb! won me 100 pound over my mates cus i beat em all! cheers!
10mr cometu
10mulletA great time had by all. Throughly enjoyed by all who all.
10nicola69excellent throughout. Superb el rob's effort to keep it always up to date in no time and adding interesting features. In just two words: absolutely superb!
10NikkoVery fun and well organized!
10no3sonvery satisfying , mad ethe competition that bit more exciting
10OZ LOGGOIt is a great game what I like is that the rules were clear & simple and updates to tables occur regularly. In addition, all emails are answered quickly and the site has links to breaking news.
10QPRNZvery well run game good fun,sorry would not pay for the game as i am to far away i.e. in New Zealand
10queenyMy daughther plays competitive soccer and she could not beleive how well I have done with this game. We are having a wonderful time playing this together. It has been very enjoyable.
10RangeyBrillaint - The best Fantasy Football game I've played on the web ever. Keep up the good work
10RazeIt was good.... except, it did end up causing my bias to change in each game to who I would probably usually go for :)
10reddevil1968very enjoyable
10rob_honeDidnt enjoy the bonus points! (i chose France) and worse players are higher in the league because they have so many bonus points!
10robert mcfarlandexcellent if gave me an interest in all the games and throughly enjoed it.
10Robson_24Not Bad...
10rshearmanexcellent format - good game
10RushianIt's been superb - would like to be able to go to my own mini-league direct from front page though
10sad scotCroatia woz robbed!
10samuelexcept the koreans matchfixing
10scaifeaReally enjoyed it
10SeagullSimonGood game. You could use this idea for the English football. Maybe to set up a prediction league for Brighton next season?
10Silver SurferCreated great interest amongst all who participated in our min-league. This has made the World Cup more interesting, better than playing a sweepstake. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.
10spls18Thank you very much for job you did, really! All worked, all results were ready very soon. And I like design too.
10StaffordKathI really liked the fact that i was beating the boys!!! early on in the competition especially as i didn't have a clue about the teams
10stapeyvery good game. kept you interrested in games you would'nt usually bother with.
10stuThe game was excellent!!!!
10surjit07very good
10swithinIt was fun. Nice to play with an international group. Wouldn't play for English Premiership becuase I can't watch the games here in the states. Wish I could. Good job on the site. One nice feature would be to lock in the games an hour ahead of game t
10swordfishReally enjoyed the game. I am part of a mini league at work and it has made for a good craic
10theres a nip in the airI have loved it, only world cup game that has kept my interest throughout. With regards question 3, that would be a fantastic idea, and I reckon I could drum up a lot of interest amongst circles of friends. Have never seen anything like it before.
10timscottvery very interesting - fantastic idea, casuing a lot of stir at work!
10Tom HoveyThe website could be sped up by taking the annoying top animation off....huge file size and doesn't add too much value! Other than that, great idea!
10Tony MooreExcellent game, kept me interested all through the tournement, I also watched a lot more games than I normally would have due to this site. The game could also be played during the european tournement in 2004 in Portugal.
10WantokThoroughly enjoyed the game - except the team I selected to win the final, didn't get past the first round - I'm sure that I'll get over it.
10wawaIt was brilliant but we could have guessed the goalscorers
10whitbyVery entertaining....a good job.
10wood_steIt was free, I think the site would crash if a pay per play system was introduced.
10woodsy021084the game was brilliant.I enjoyed it alot
10YorkshireSteveApart from my tip France going out early and it taking me until the England Argentina game to get my first result it has been good fun
10yyc1Very well run pool.
943221It was an enjoyable diversion
9Adam SaundersBeing from Australia, it may prove hard to be involved financially.
9alexI thought the game has been excellent. And, the new features unveiled as the game progressed have added value ..... e.g. raw ladder, score stats, descriptions of mini-leagues, etc. All in all, el Rob you are to be hugely commended for this terrific effort
9almidanowhen you were sure of the result , it was great to see that rewarded , but most the time , when you weren't , it couldn't be disappointing to be wrong , but was good to guess right , so no downside.
9Andrew Klimekbonus points have been a good choice
9Andy MExcellent Rob, well done. Efforts apreciated. One thought - I think the bonus points are too generous...and that's not just because I went for France.
9andyshawExcellent enjoyment , keeps up interest throughout the whole tournament.
9Big AlThis was superb. It really added to the tournament. In a perverse way I was willing Argentina to equalise against England because I had it as a 1-1 draw. Great idea and the site is very well done.
9BoozermateEnjoyable and very well run Rob. Looks like we may be going head to head again in the Premiership with very similar formats. Best wishes and good luck.. Boozermate
9bowtellGreat battle for supremacy amongst the boys, terrific talking point, it also enhaces your watching of a game, gets you out of the neural corner
9BoxProfessionally run, update of results done on time, you dont listen to complaining wankers and above all it is a well designed site.
9bubblesexcellent....although there were a lot of surprising results, which made it pretty interesting.....all the lads have had a good crack over it anyway......thanks!
9ButcherThe whole concept is wonderful. Our greatest interest has definitely been with our mini-league. I hope you do the same for the real world cup next year - the Rugby !!
9claudiorExcellent ! el Rob rules !! Thanks for a great game. I'm not sure I'd do this for the premiership, but would certainly consider it for Champions League, Euro championships and Olympics
9Clueless ButtieGreat. Really enjoyed the competition.
9culversIIt made the world cup much more interesting.
9DangermouseI have along with all in our mini league have really enjoyed the game. This world cup has also proved very difficult to predict so has improved the game as well. Can't wait for Euro 2004
9DAZBURYCould really do with some security, due possible facilfying scores, possibly...? Security for non change of games and no possible alterations from outside.
9Dean williamsNeeds some changes, bonus points create such an uneven competition (maybe less bonus points) and exact scores should have greater rewards, also maybe a haddicapping sysytem, if you predict a shock you should be rewarded with more points (possible bonus).
9duaneGreat to have mini leagues. Good to do for other sports also like 6 nations rugby.
9el RobThis is an 'el Rob' test comment
9ELKJAER LARSENGreat! Very addictive!
9EnglandsPMenjoyed the mini leagues,especially as we're winning it!!!
9Freddie the red striped wonderGreat fun to keep touch with friends from around the world
9FrogSpawnIt was great trying to compete against others, but just went to show why I shouldn't go to bookies....
9gatesyforgot to post 8 results in, but have enjoyed using this service
9gel_boyThe only dissatisfying part is getting beat by the only girl in our league
9Goldfingervery satisfying - the bonus points system was a little wierd....maybe you should cut this for next time.
9goodersEnjoyed playing it, do the premiership next!
9grahamIt was a bit slow at times (might be my modem) and can the games be updated after the final whistle and not the end of the day?
9GurneyIt seems to me that if you picked the winner overall then you get too many bonus points for that team winning. People who do well in rounds 1 and 2 but have not picked that team as their winner are penalised too much for it. Maybe 2 or 3 bonus points ins
9hackneyladA great idea - tapped into everyone's natural transition into a know-all during world cup periods. Very well thought out with the whole mini-league idea keeping up interest. Cash prizes would be even better - i'd pay but not more than a tenner overall.
9HallageGood fun - Competitive as well. Thanks
9HarryIt was alot of fun I really enjoyed playing the game!
9hotspur2001With this software/website I could run my English Premier prediction league much easier.
9HugeThe nice thing about this game is that you didn't have to visit everyday but could fill in your predictions once a fortnight. The Premiership would be good if it could also be done on this basis. Not sure how people would pay / receive cash prizes on the
9iron balls mcgintykeeps the interest up (bloody french)
9Jason BattleV Good
9Jonny McIlwainevery good
9ksmeetsFantastic! Great fun!
9Lena LFantastic!!!Possibility to see real competition, to enjoy victory and to have great time playing with your friends in mini-league!
9Liam SrokaGreat competing against friends back in the UK whilst I'm down in Oz - Would love to pay for Cash but am bumming around here & picking fruit does not pay much.
9LoggensteinI think it was a great idea and very well implemented. Thanks
9lyonmade me interested in the outcome of all the games, and gave us a lot of fun at work
9LyonHeartcool! re question 3, I'd suggest Fa Cup, European cup, grand prix, type sports may be more preferable, premiership might be a bit of a pain, filling in loads of results, etc? Ģ0, for paying, just cos still haven't a great deal of confidence in internet
9manojVery good - enjoyable. Look forward to similar leagues next season, european competitions, etc
9manojgExcellent, well run, well organised. Only one mistake (got the times of two of the matched mixed up). Next time it will be perfect.
9mister_lopezyeah, a premiership one would be way too long, just fa cup it
9monkey-boygreat layout, very easy, instantly accessable, creates interest from all in our mini-league
9mr crosbygood game good game. i sound like brucie
9natkirlinDoing the Telegraph Fantasy football plus our own one at work this one was a bit special looking at it every nigh and changing forecast 1st thing in the morning if need be. Similar for the Premiership would be good but no doubt difficult to mange.
9Neil_TrueRedHas been a great game and great fun. Nice one.
9Nigel TargettWould have liked more points but a good way to regularly keep in touch with friends (and foes!)
9NodBefore this world cup, I rarely watched football. I find it very interesting that I now know most of the fules - can tell when a good shot has been played and can tell who a few of the players are. What I found quite amazing (being a true blue KIWI
9NookThe game gives you an interest in all the games.
9nuchaBest World Cup I 'd ever watched.
9paulgame was of a very high standerd
9PaUlIsHoT14This has been really fun to make predictions!
9philhurstgood fun - despite being an unpredicatble finals those into football seem higher up ladder (fuck knows how!)
9rigsbyEnjoyed the duel with Bomber..pity he bottled it at the end
9Ron ShieldsExcellent, I was going to e-mail and ask if you could do one for the Premiership
9ronrc3very much so
9RousA really good challenge, adds a new dimension to the game, you can play against your mates anywhere in the world or country
9ruddevilenjoyed it . though i was closer to the bottom rather from the top, but still good fun.
9S11 RWSVery Very enjoyable - Especially the Mini League
9sam parnelli didn't like the bonus points it put me right down
9SHOTGUNIt is simple and straightforward. Results are updated regularly and emails are always answered.
9Simonmapart from choosing Argentina no compalints excellent work
9SkippaJTExcellent, but B%$#@Y Argentina!!!
9smcIts been great fun but sometimes can take the enjoyment out of the match we are watching but when u have something on it it makes alot more exciting
9Squigglygreat idea for a site....I hope you continue throughout many other football competitions.
9StrawbsIt's made the World Cup more exciting, although I had not realised the implications of the picking the winner would have on receiving bonus points, but the RAW table sorted that out, which was great
9Super Kevwould be better if i was top
9SydTheKidThank you for a great game
9The jackallots of fun! Great ideas. Made the whole thing even more interesting. Weird though cheering for team who you have predicted to win but would rater the underdog to win.
9Timmy JApart from the mistake with the kick-off time for one of the matches, evrything seemed to go really well. Its been great fun to play, especially when I'm comepeting against my work mates.
9WarnsAwesome fun....
8AbazXIYeah it's good
8ajcI thought it was a good game although I only have 2 exacts so far so I am not please by that.
8Albion Eddgood and fun
8Ardwick_Red_MUFCits a good laugh.
8BaetzeaThe simplicity of the competition made it playable and thouroughly enjoyable.
8Ben GunnI feel that the bonus points don't give a true indication to the picking ability ... too much luck involved.
8BigBlokeThe site was a bit slow at times. For future games, an email reminder of the next rounds may be helpful, to update scores.
8Blairsovery good site, plenty of crack in the office.
8Bob CleggIt was not clear about the bonus point system.
8BretagneGood laugh with mates
8brianmckibbinI ilked the concept of the raw ladder - especially useful when so much of the scoring was based on the latter stages of the cup meaning that, with the crashing of so many pre-tournament favourites, interest for such as myself (Argentina) was maintained.
8btezenasit was fun predicting the scores. I think the site was very well done and pleasant except for its sloooowwwwwness ;-) I could see some possible improvements or issues, however: -give a bonus for those who found the right score after the extra-time
8cmcelroyThe bonus points skew the scoring in the game. It would probably be better if no bonus points were given.
8CTTvery well done - having to pick a winner at the start was perhaps a little unnecessary and dramatically changed the results as the tournament progressed - a little hard to understand the logic behind it ?? a huge reward at the end of the day for making ON
8Delphiwe played with our collegues and it was the talk of the day. First thing we did in the mroning was checking our ladder. Great work, thanks!
8Diego ArmandoI would like to have seen two tallies, one including points without any bonuses and another with the bonuses added on. Aside from that, I thought that the game was great.
8dioQuite nice actually. Simple looking yet very neatly organized, lots of flags, icons. Colourful, yet simple and well organized and layed out. Good job. As far as the English premier league... I only get very involved in football when the world cup is
8DjVJGame/web site is called but was too heavily skewed to favour those who correctly predict the world cup winners/leaders....since they get tons of bonus points. It was really interesting until the end of the group stage. Because I picked a
8dlawlessSite was too slow over all. Need to better explain how the bonus points system worked. Good fun over all.
8doumeGood all-around!
8everestVery disapointing at my showing!
8fconnorBonus points skewed things a bit. Many people in our mini-league lost interest after group stages.
8Garrinchaapart from the fact that I got progressively worse after about 30 games, it was pretty cool. raw ladder and mini leagues are a good idea and the news links were worth a look
8Gary Hawena
8GBNone really just a well run site which made it all the more enjoyable to play.....Well done!
8goalie_johndid a bit crap as has been avery unpredictable world cup! Good fun though. Do the same for Euro 2004
8googzvery much so
8gunter3 LLRG members were getting on after the jump. SLOVENIA were nobbled ???
8HammRadioNo comments...
8hebit was surprising
8HendoVery enlightening
8Homer SimpsonIt definetly made the tournament itself more interesting to me.No bad points for me really.
8hotmale_888_Bonus points were too much
8ian keane was right mahonVery enjoyable made the world cup a lot more interesting.
8Ian TaylorFun, but frustrating! Irritating when your predicted winner performs badly.
8jameswe paid Ģ5 quid each at work for our mini-league
8jezwhiteSlightly slow to download - but features very good.
8jimjams66It was a good bit of fun with no gambling or money involved. Prizes would make it more interesting though.
8Jimmy07Enjoyed the game and would do it again. So may shocks in the World cup made it tough though!
8John Hewitt is GodExcellently managed and very easy to play.
8John_BurkeConstant updates good idea. Choice of team at start very crucial possibly too much so. Overall though v good
8JohnwI would of been a lot better if I was better at predicting results, but other than that it was great. I would only pay for cash prizes only if every one could see each others predictions once the cut off time has passed. Or pay a small amout just to cover
8josrobVery clever idea. I've enjoyed a lot.
8JSDIn NZ footbal isn't so popular as UK so it was good to read the comments from other countries
8kingdandokept forgetting to update
8Lard2Hmmm very interesting
8luton4meGreat Fun, shame about my results. Not too interested in the league table results. Thanks for running the game. I do not generally bet on sports events (re q5 below)
8Maccamakes the world cup games that your not interested in a bit more exctiting.
8marcasFor some-one not usually interested in soccer, a great way to provide an interest...
8Maurice TwomowersIt's quite a good fuckin dossabout. Specially if it's rainin an yer can't get in the garden.
8maverick1Brilliant .
8mistaespanaI enjoyed the game very much except for the points scoring.It became very confusing.
8MNThe points system may have been better with 1 point for each teams correct score and two points for getting the result with just one bonus point for getting everything correct. It feels as if there is too much difference between someone getting all the re
8mrwallacesatisfying, although after i made my who will win the world cup choice, BEFORE THE GAMES started, i couldn't change that selection. (although my change didn't make much of a difference, seeing how i wanted to go from Argentina to Portugal)
8mufcleighVery good idea
8Nick OObviously, when you get an exact or sit top of your mini league it gives you a godd satisfaction, but unfortunatly i have not fulfilled my potential.
8OConnorNot as good because of not being able to score any more bonus points after Argentina was knocked out. Maybe you can pick a new team for the knock-out stage.
8oldanun athleticGood fun
8owen13Very satisfying to be better than my boss at something
8PGGIt has been good fun. There have been alot of surprise results.
8pontius partridgea thoroughly good idea. i heard about the site at the 11th hour, unfortunately too late to organise a mini-league - which really would have increased my enjoyment as we already run a league for another fantasy football-type competition.
8Richard SmithVery interesting
8roheetVery good - will read the instructions more carefully next time (did not realise how important it was to select the team that will win the world cup)
8samueljgreenGreat idea, whats next ?
8SARGEA good site kept up to date and lots of interesting info and stories.
8Seamus and Fiona Friendgood game but even Ģ5.00 per month sounds a lot
8sgm567good game but not for cash
8SionedEnjoyed it for the occasion - English premiership would mean a little too much time spent on it. European Championships perhaps? Especially if Wales get into it!!
8Son of Put Jat DaNo bad comments. I especially liked the instant update after the games were played each day.
8stozGenerally I've enjoyed it,it's been good fun, the only downside I thought were that the points for the selected team were a bit too generous, would have preferred a predictions only league. Perhaps I feel that way only because I picked Argentina.
8Stuart FNot too time consuming which is a bonus. Very enjoyable.
8sunshine_lassWas a good laugh, despite not being excellent at predicting scores!!
8Superwelshygood coz gambling without money suits me to the t, coz i hav no money
8SURVIVOR FREAKSThe only problem is I live in South Africa so paying pounds would be a problem.
8The Great Right FootMore points just for correct result of matches
8ToucoGreat Idea
8TraceExcellent web site, people have enjoyed doing it, we've also got money riding on it as well!!!!
8triplechampthis was a very good game as we are a groop of lads who enjoy football and organise our own fantasy foolball league that runs through the season so in our own league we can still throw some cash in a pot and see who has the best knowledge.
8WilkieHas intensified the interest in all world cup games. However, can be a little distracting from a work point of view. Would be interested in playing for money if the sum total of all entry fees was paid out in prizes. i.e for every Ģ1000 paid in Ģ1000 p
8Willy WiltonBrilliant well worth the effort kept everybody enthralled right until the end , could have done with a final prize to keep intrest up.
8YvonneFor us getting into the game on a late stage there should have been a ladder showing placment affecting that you have not been in the game from the beginning
7Andy DuffGood fun
7Andy LyonBonus points make it a bit unfair
7BELLYgreat to see PF sitting on the bottom of the Giants ladder
7benCould refine scoring system to have bookie style advantages for picking less likely results.
7ben4qIncreased my interest int he actual tournament. I have enjoyed it.
7chrisbnot so involved as fantasy football - thats a + point since not really into footy, simple enough for even teh footy averse player
7Dean FinegoldOther than the slip up with the kick off of 2 matches early on I think it has been a top laugh and defo up for the same when the season starts maybe if NTL could chuck in a few prizes so it won't hit us in the pocket to much, although I'd chuck a couple o
7emerbGood - simple to use for those not so interested in football.
7julianThe bonus point system could be improved. The very large amount of bonus points awarded meant that guys who picked a team that advanced further in the competition had a huge advantage over those who picked teams that got knocked out early.
7kcrookMainly enjoyable because there was no money involved, only the fun of taking part (hope it was enjoyable for you as well). Thanks for your work.
7Kenny ChuaGood!!!
7LardVery enjoyable - keep going
7mattThe only problem was that too many bonus points were given out
7matthewduffyI only joined at the second round stage so I never really had a chance of doing well but it was fun just to see how accurate my predictions were
7Mattmanfollowed the world cup closer, which has been good. Gave structure to the office sweep stake
7mike robertsi was shit
7MissionImpossiblekeeps you interested with whats happening and how far you can move up the table especially if you came in late
7nigellreallyshakemupwheniTook me a few mins to relise what game you were talking about ! I don't think of it as a game !
7Ole The PlannerToo many points going on the team you pick. No matter how correct your predictions you are screwed if you have france/argentina/portugal/italy etc.
7RJCI designed something similar for the last world cup using spreadsheets. It is excellent except that there is too much weighting on the bonus points. Also it would be nice to be able to see others predictions (after the matches have taken place of course
7SelenaNever followed SOccer before (or even watched a game) - amazing how you develop interest once your random picks start winning!
7SLIDERAdd a column showing points per game day.
7sparkydiazkeep it up !
7stottcould have done without picking france - although i have scored weel from match predictions i have no chance of winning in our mini league. Maybe less bonus points for your chosen team would keep it more competitive throughout the tournament as i have los
7Strawberry Blondoverall a very well put together site, although a bit slow at times.
7The Saintvery enjoyable,
7TonyI've enjoyed this game but I'm not sure I would want to commit to this for a whole season. However I might change my mind.
7ViwungwungIt kept my interest in the world cup during the entire period. My interest has subsequently grown ( alot) since the game started.
7WiSKSometimes scores could still be filled in after the match had kicked off. You should have declared the results from those matches void.
6Andy BMini leagues are the fun part for those of use who are shit.
6Chokslow access speeds hampered enjoyment...
6john mYeah it was okay,probably enjoyed it more if I'd done better. Thanks anyway for putting the game online gave me more of an interest in Slovenia and Costa Rica and whoever when I wouldn't normally be arsed.
6nomateisItīs always so difficult to come up with decent predictions, I donīt know how the top players do it. But this no fault of you, fellows, itīs in the nature of the game.
6paolo3email reminders would have helped as I forgot to enter scores for some of the games
6PaulHayhurstPoints too high for picking team who will win world cup. If you pick the correct team, it almost makes the score predictions insignificant
6porksterToo many bonus points were awarded for teams qualifying out of groups compared to the points given to correctly guessing the score.
6sdcGood fun but disappointing when you start slipping down the ladders
6SteveHolfordOkay, but could do with updates on league through email
6the dudeBrasil is heavy - but Germany has Klose + Kahn !!!!***ggg***
5Big JohnVery slow to load, both at home and at office.
5srsmith77This world cup was unpredictable, that was not the games fault, and so I scored low, but it was fun.
3PeatLots of fun but bonus points are too generous
2davidExcept for the wrong match sequence of France game earlier, otherwise it was good.
2JasonTaylorThe game has provided no end of entertainment within our mini-league. Great Work!!!!
2LucyosborneWould have been more satisfying if I wasn't plagued with regret over my prediction of the winning nation going out in the group stage!
2MarshallbPrizes would make the competition better. The bonus points system is a little unfair, given that the competition is i.e someone who's chosen team go out in the 1st round may be the best predictor of scores - but lose out by 'luck'
1David cleatis BeckamIt is boring.
1Harkyits a shame that we can't do it more about one for the Ryder Cup???
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